TuneIn Radio  -    Oldies Paradise is available on TuneIn Radio. Click on the banner on the left and search for Oldies Paradise.
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I Tunes Oldies Paradise is available via ITunes. But, you need to go to “Preferences” in the ITunes main menu & enable “Internet Radio”. Then you can receive Internet Radio. Then choose “Golden Oldies” and you will see Oldies Paradise listed there. Internet Radios For those using internet radios, we are available via the Reciva, VTuner and Frontier Silicon websites and databases. We are listed under the “Internet Only” location and under the 60’s, 70’s and Oldies categories. Mobile Phones We recommend using TuneIn Radio as your player on IPhone & Android Devices. There is a free version of this. It’s available at all app locations. You can also listen on your Android Phone by going to our website and clicking on the web player.
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To Listen With A Mac

Ways to listen on a Mac... 1. Listen on ITunes... Oldies Paradise is listed under the “Golden Oldies” section of Internet Radio on iTunes. However, in recent years Apple have tried to hide Internet Radio stations in favour of their own Radio Services. So, do not look under the first banner named “Radio”. That just lists Apple’s Radio Stations. Go to the Main Menu on the Top Left and work across from File to View. Click on “View” and drop down to “More”. You will see “Internet Radio” at the bottom of that short list. Just click on it and then go to “Golden Oldies” and you will find Oldies Paradise listed there. 2. Click on Play above as you would on an iPad. Oldies Paradise should then start playing in iTunes.
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