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STAFFORD'S WORLD  -  Mark Stafford  Mark is the Station Manager at Oldies Paradise and pretty much does everything that keeps the station on air! Along with this, he also presents Stafford’s World which is now a syndicated show and can be heard around the world on 153 different radio stations. Including, of course, Oldies Paradise.

Stafford’s World morphed out of Mark’s original Sunday night shows on DAB and Satellite Radio with EKR - European Klassik Rock and the show has now been on air on a Sunday for 24 years! Stafford’s World is based around the music of the 60’s through to the early 80’s and is packed with popular features such as “Ah.. But They Did It First”, “The Song Stories”, “The Writers Sing Them Their Way” and “I Know I Shouldn’t But I Love It”.

OLD RECORD CLUB  -  Steve Bishop  Steve joined Oldies Paradise a few years after it came on air. His Old Record Club was originally just aired on Oldies Paradise. But, as the years passed by he got the show heard on a sizeable list of other radio stations around the world.

Key features on The Old Record Club are “The Birthday File” “The Steve Bishop Oldie” and “Stalled At Two”.     

                             CLASSIC COUNTDOWN - Roger Day  Roger is a Radio Legend having started his days at sea on Offshore Radio with Radio England and Radio Caroline in the 1960’s and RNI in the 1970’s. Along the way, Roger spent time on Radio Luxembourg before eventually settling down to decades of radio on Commercial Radio with Piccadily Radio, Invicta and many others.

Roger’s Classic Countdown shows debuted on Oldies Paradise in July 2021.


SOLD GOLD 60’s/SUPERSONIC 70’s/KICK UP THE 80’s - Geoff Dorsett  Geoff has been with Oldies Paradise for a few years now. His 3 shows Solid Gold 60’s, Supersonic 70’s and Kick Up The 80’s can be heard on radio stations all around the world.

BACK TO THE 70’S - Kevin Larkin  Kevin joined Oldies Paradise in 2020. In Kevin’s words, Back To The 70’s features “The greatest hits and Oh Wow oldies of the 70's”.

THE OLDIES PARADISE TIME CAPSULE - Steve Silby, Bob McLoud, Alton Andrews The Time Capsule was created, designed and  produced by Mark Stafford back in 2020. For the first two years it was presented by Mark himself. Steve Silby came onboard to present the show 2 years later and in recent years the Time Capsule team has expanded with the addition of Bob McLoud and Alton Andrews. The three presenters rotate on the shows. The Time Capsule series has recently been extended to cover the years 1962 to 1986.

GREATEST HITS USA - CHUCK MATHEWS  Summer 2021 also saw another new show debuting on Oldies Paradise as Greatest Hits USA arrived. Chuck Mathews takes you on a 3 hour journey with America’s best hits of the 60’s & 70’s.

SAVING THE 70’s - Mike Walker  Mike has been with us since the very start of Oldies Paradise, 10 years ago. His Saving The 70’s shows still remain as popular as ever.

SOUNDTRACK OF THE 60’s - Paul Graham  Paul’s excellent shows have been on the station virtually since “Day One”. Paul features a great mix of the 60’s from the big hits to the forgotten greats.  

About Us

Oldies Paradise is an internet radio station staffed by seasoned radio presenters, the majority of whom have worked in professional radio. We all believe passionately that there is a need for quality and variety on the radio spectrum.

To listen in to our broadcasts, just click on the Web Player on the home page or the Web Player on the Listen page (which also includes a list of recently played tracks. Oldies Paradise features music from the Rock’n’Roll era through the 1960’s and 1970’s and on into the early 1980’s.

Constant variety is our goal. We try to rotate our play-list to the maximum and to avoid repetition wherever we can.We believe that although you certainly want to hear the big hits, many of you use internet radio as an antidote to the high repetition of terrestrial radio.

Therefore, we strive to bring you “forgotten gems” and “lost classics”. Please give us a listen!

Mark Stafford - Station Manager
Oldies Paradise

Oldies Paradise

Copyright © 2021

 All rights reserved. Oldies Paradise     Priivacy Policy

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