LATEST NEWS YOU ARE IN OLDIES PARADISE CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN IN WINAMP OR WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER NEW iPHONE &ANDROID APP COMING SHORTLY We are busy working on an iPhone and Android App for Oldies Paradise. We have a working prototype  and the finished product will be available to download very shortly. Keep on eye on the website for more updates over the next few weeks. From Monday to Saturday on Oldies Paradise you can now hear a new show. Former Radio Caroline presenter Paul Graham joins us to present his “Soundtrack of the 60s” Show. It airs from Monday to Friday at 4pm UK and at 3pm UK on Saturdays.  NEW SHOW ON OLDIES PARADISE 64K SECOND STREAM IS NOW TESTING - CLICK BELOW Click Here To Email Us  Oldies Paradise is an internet radio station run by radio professionals who believe passionately that there is a need for quality and variety on the radio spectrum. To listen in to our broadcasts, just click the on the buttons at the top of the page. We broadcast on two very high quality 128k stereo internet. The streams are routed through different servers, so, if you have problems with the main stream try the second stream. We feature music from the Rock’n’Roll era through the 1960’s and 1970’s and on into the early 1980’s. What makes us different is that our music library is one of the biggest radio music libraries on the planet! We have just about every US and UK Top 40 hit single from the early ‘60s to the early ‘80s. What’s more, we play most of them sometime every month. Constant variety is our goal. We try to rotate our play-list to the maximum and to avoid repetition wherever we can.We believe that although you certainly want to hear the big hits, many of you use internet radio as an antidote to the high repetition of terrestrial radio. Therefore, we strive to bring you “forgotten gems” and “lost classics”. Give us a listen. Mark Stafford Programme Controller Oldies Paradise LATEST NEWS OLDIES PARADISE IS THE NEW HOME FOR “STAFFORD’S WORLD” MORE DETAILS BELOW NEW SCHEDULE NOW ON THE SITE Oldies Paradise now has a sister station, Easy Rock Paradise. Easy Rock Paradise strarted broadcasting a few months ago and plays music from the slightly softer side  rock. The station’s key aim is to provide more variety than most rock stations. The Easy Rock Paradise music rock music library is one of the largest around. Their music stretches from the early 60s through to today. ERP play the classics and also those great forgotten classics. It is not just a nostalgia station as it plays a high proportion of music from today. ERP believes that there are so many great melodic rock tracks that struggle to get any airplay at all in 2013. Click below to go to the Easy Rock Paradise website. Our weekend programmes now have a time-shifted rebroadcast 12 hours later for our North American listeners. The 10am UK time to 8pm UK segment of programmes will be rebroadcast between 10pm and 8am UK (5pm and 3am EST) for our North American listeners. This also means, that, if you are in Europe and you miss any of the weekend daytime programming you also have a chance to catch-up later in the day.   WEEKEND PROGRAMMES TIME-SHIFTED FOR NORTH AMERICAN LISTENERS Click below to listen to Easy Rock Paradise. EASY ROCK PARADISE TAKES TO THE AIR OLDIES PARADISE IS THE NEW “HOME” FOR STAFFORD’S WORLD Every Sunday evening at 6pm UK Time you can hear the very first play of all “Stafford’s World” shows. The show will also go out at the same time on our sister station Easy Rock Paradise. More details at To listen in to Oldies Paradise just click on the player above or the link to the Winamp streams or just push the “How To Listen In” button at the very top of this page. OLDIES PARADISE SECOND STREAM NOW TESTING The Oldies Paradise 64k bandwidth friendly stream is currently being tested. Just click the link at the top of this page.  THE NEW REVISED OLDIES PARADISE PROGRAMME SCHEDULE IS NOW ON THE SCHEDULE PAGE