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General News
Oldies Paradise is now becoming a veteran of the UK Oldies Station Internet Radio Scene. Along the way we have seen so many similar stations fall by the wayside over the years. Luckily, we have built up a very loyal batch of listeners  and listening numbers stay very healthy.

On the technical side, we have still not gotten around to switching our 48k aac stream over. But, it will happen soon.  So, If you currently listen to our AAC+ stream (we only have one!), please make sure you re-tune straight away to the new stream at :http://www.oldiesrockparadise.com:8400

If you have never tried out the 48k aac stereo stream. Please give it a go, you will be stunned by how good it sounds and of course it is perfect for getting through those tough spots when listening in the car.

Oldies Paradise is a never ending carousel of the hits of the 60’s, 70’s and the early 80’s.
More variety and less repeats!

OLDIES PARADISE Where the memories never stop

Easy Rock Paradise is the sister station to Oldies Paradise. It is “Rock Radio Without The Headaches”
No endless guitar solos, no screaming rock, just quality rock music for adults!  Listen below. More information here …


Summer 2022 Update - Part 1

After many months of problems with our old Website Player (caused by new rules from Google and other website browser companies), we have tracked down what appears to be an excellent replacement.

We would love to get your feedback on the new player. There will,of course, be teething problems and some tweaking will need doing. But, we would appreciate your feedback at oldies@oldiesparadise.com.

As we head ever closer to the end of Summer 2022, like everyone, the forthcoming winter will bring big challenges for Oldies Paradise. The setup is built around 24/7 operation of a number of PCs. With energy prices going through the roof, and in addition, with our streaming costs being charged to us in $ dollars we are going to face a massive hike in running costs for the station and for its sister station Easy Rock Paradise.

In our case there will another big knock on, because our bandwidth suppliers are also facing massive price hikes as they run banks of energy guzzling electrical equipment 24/7. Without doubt this is going to be a tough run through to the Spring of 2023.